Don't buy CFD until you can answer YES to these 4 questions

Question Time This is based on an exercise I go through with prospects on our first call. A process I’ve described as “due diligence for your CFD-related spend.” It doesn’t go deep into engineering problems. We don’t discuss flow physics or turbulence »

CFD without HPC

Do you really need HPC for your CFD? Let’s get this straight, right out of the gate — there are many, many CFD workflows & mine isn’t going to suit everyone. Some of you will be very attached to your HPC and unlikely to give any of this a second thought »

Meet Git, your OpenFOAM lifesaver

How do you build yours? Building a CFD model is an iterative process (pun intended). And unless you get it all right first time (kudos to you), you’ll likely go through several iterations in search of your ideal case setup. Perhaps you start with a »

Why hire a CFD consultant when you could just do it yourself?

What do CFD, sushi & flat whites all have in common? Stay tuned. Had I written this 5-10 years ago I would only have needed one overarching reason to hire a CFD consultant — “you can’t do it yourself”. Small businesses didn’t have the resources to do »

How to install OpenFOAM anywhere with Docker

27th June 2018 — This article is currently being updated & extended. Be sure to join the mailing list to be notified when the new version goes live Where do you do your CFD? Not where in the world. I mean, on what platforms? Perhaps you have some »

Choosing CAD for CFD

Do you have a lean CFD process yet? Are you cycling through build-measure-learn loops at a rate of knots. If so you could consider CFD as your idea validation machine. Where any CFD project could be reduced to feeding the CFD machine (or CFD Engine ; »

How to hire a CFD consultant

4 simple questions to help you avoid hiring a lemon So, you’ve realised that you could use CFD to make your product better &/or solve a flow problem. You’ve also realised that, whilst you could do it yourself, you’re going to turbo-charge things and »

How we do CFD in the Cloud

A 10,000ft Overview Today’s aspiring cloud CFD-ist has a multitude of options when it comes to getting started. I’m thinking of SimScale & The Ubercloud Marketplace as two standout, but very different, approaches to making a quickstart in the cloud »

10 Reasons CFD Has An Image Problem

“So what do you do?” Have you been on the end of one of those long silences, when you tell someone you’ve just met, that you do CFD? A potential conversation stopper at a party. But a killer blow in a sales conversation. Below are just some of the objections »

What next for CFD?

12 industry experts share their ideas of where the CFD industry needs to innovate & what they’d like to change. For an industry that revolves around solving some very old equations, the continued innovation in CFD might come as a surprise to some. I »

All CFD is wrong

Your CFD is wrong. My CFD is wrong. In fact, all CFD is wrong. But isn’t that a dangerous thing for someone who makes his living doing CFD to say? Not really and here’s why. How many of you have heard of George E. P. Box? Not too many? Well, in the »

5 reasons we love OpenFOAM

How open are you about the tools you use? I’ve always been pretty guarded about what software & hardware we use. Some of the secret sauce lives in these software & hardware stacks. I didn’t want to give too much away. But with the switch to a focus on »

Lean CFD

A little background… I’m a really bad procrastinator. I’d much rather research 5 ways of doing something and read 3 books on a subject than just get on with it. I’d like to think that if I’ve done my homework then I’m less likely to make the wrong decision »

Our Consultancy Manifesto

This originally appeared on the old blog. It was the only post that ever got any attention so I thought it should have a home here. I’ve updated it to reflect some of the things I’ve learned since writing it, but it’s more or less as it was. It’s kind »