EP22 - Joana Bretz of CINAR Brazil

It’s the last episode of Season 02 & we’ve covered some ground in those 10 episodes. Both in terms of the types of CFD we’ve featured & the countries we’ve touched. So I’m pleased to round out the season with a combination of the two. I’m joined by Joana »

EP21 - Mark Gammon of ITI

Today we’re talking about an integral part of most CFD processes that often gets ignored. It comes before we start our CFD process, yet often has a huge impact on that process — CAD. I’m chatting with Mark Gammon, Technical Director of the Cambridge »

EP20 - Althea de Souza of NAFEMS

Towards the end of the season I like to throw in a couple of slightly different episode types, see Jeff’s Sales Masterclass as an example. This is one of those different episodes where we aren’t talking about the CFD business. Today we’re discussing »

EP19 - Sandip Jadhav of CCTech

In this episode, I’m talking with Sandip Jadhav, one of the founders of CCTech - the team behind a host of CFD-related projects. We couldn’t do them all justice, so we focused on two of their more well-known projects, Simulation Hub (a cloud CFD platform »

EP18 - Robin Bornoff of Mentor Graphics

I managed to find another Robin to talk CFD with today. Robin Bornoff has been with Mentor Graphics - Mechanical Analysis Division (& Flomerics before that) for 20+ years, focussed on delivering “good science to engineers.” So he’s well placed to discuss »

EP17 - Mark Seymour of Future Facilities

I’m joined in this episode by Mark Seymour, one of the founding team behind Future Facilities, a CFD company focused on the data centre & electronics cooling sectors. In addition to the origins, focus and growth of the company, we get to talk about Mark »

EP16 - Darrin Stephens & Chris Sideroff of Applied CCM

Today is the first episode with 2 guests — Darrin Stephens & Chris Sideroff — business partners in Applied CCM & based in Australia & Canada respectively. Whilst Applied CCM have several CFD-related activities, this interview is essentially all about »

EP15 - Franjo Juretić of Creative Fields

In this episode I’m joined by Franjo Juretić, one of the founders of Creative Fields & the primary developer behind their CFD meshing toolkit - cfMesh. Franjo & I discuss how a part-time project, that would only take a couple months to finish, turned »

EP14 - Nicolas Tonello of Renuda

In this episode I’m talking with Nicolas Tonello of Renuda about running a successful CFD consultancy / development / training business. We also open the box on Code_Saturne - an open-source CFD software that you may not know too much about. Nicolas »

EP13 - Kelly Senecal of Convergent Science

Welcome to Season Two Today I’m talking with Kelly Senecal, one of the founding team behind Convergent Science. He tells me about how the days spent hand-crafting meshes led to them to develop CONVERGE CFD. Their own CFD package which automagically handles »