Practical OpenFOAM® Support For Companies Struggling To Get Results

How many hours have you spent scouring forum posts for answers to your OpenFOAM questions?

Or Googling error messages only to find yourself back at the very same forum posts?

Or bumbling through source code that makes no sense as you aren’t a developer?

How about the time you tried all these tactics only to discover your “problem” was a missing semi-colon?

I’ve been there. I understand your frustration. I understand the feeling of slow (or no) progress. The feeling that you must be missing something (other than a semi-colon). Is it supposed be this tricky?

I’ve been there enough times to know that I can help you out of this rut.

Get Your OpenFOAM Project Back On Track

I provide technical support for businesses that are finding it harder than they ever imagined to get started with OpenFOAM. It’s practical, independent, relatable support that’s aimed at users not developers.

It isn’t about “learning OpenFOAM” — that’s a huge task that probably won’t shed much light on your current struggle. Personally, I learn new concepts (& new software) quickest when they’re in a context that I can relate to. One where I don’t need to connect-the-dots to figure out how to apply what I’ve learned. If you’re like me, then getting to grips with OpenFOAM won’t come from solving just any old problems. It’ll come through solving your own problems.

But it’s tricky to solve your own problems when you’re not quite sure how all this is supposed to work. Is your current approach sound? Do you have all the right steps in the right order? Are you using the right tools for the job? Are you doing it almost right? Or are you —unknowingly— making life difficult for yourself?

If you’ve already spent more time on this than you originally thought & it’s still not working. Then it’s time to quit struggling & get some practical help.

Your Next Step

Let’s spend 30 minutes going over the current state of your OpenFOAM project. What are you trying to achieve? How far have you got? What are you stuggling with the most? I make no assumptions about where you’re at with CFD & there’s definitely no such thing as a stupid question.

After we speak, you will have:

  • action steps to move past your current roadblock;
  • a to-do list of what to focus on —in what order— to get up and running asap;
  • a go / no go indication of whether you and OpenFOAM are likely to be a good fit for each other;

We won’t fix everything in 30 mins. But I guarantee it’s more productive than half an hour scouring forum posts. Grab your complimentary consultation below.

I’ve done this for a range of companies over the past few years. Often as a standalone engagement, but also as part of long-term consulting relationships.

Simon Smart, founder of Drag2Zero and all-round bicycle aerodynamics expert, describes his work with me over the last 4 years:

“Our initial expectation of CFD Engine, was as a cost-effective external service provider that can give affordable simulation data. Our actual experience far exceeded that. I think that the working relationship is as good as one could expect from an in-house resource, and far beyond what was expected from a service provider. Robin has shown a high level of understanding of our specific engineering problems (something you would only expect from in-house engineers) whilst also drawing on parallels from other sectors. So it really has been the best of both worlds.”

Hunting around for answers to your specific OpenFOAM questions is a time-consuming and often frustrating process. Skip those wasted hours & get your project moving again. Remember, this isn’t for CFD geeks. It’s practical support for regular users — there’s no such thing as a stupid question.

Grab your complimentary consultation & get your OpenFOAM project back on track.

For Clarity

Just to be clear — “This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, producer and distributor of the OpenFOAM software via and owner of the OPENFOAM® and OpenCFD® trade marks” — nor would I expect it to be. I can still help you get unstuck though.