EP14 - Nicolas Tonello of Renuda

In this episode I’m talking with Nicolas Tonello of Renuda about running a successful CFD consultancy / development / training business. We also open the box on Code_Saturne - an open-source CFD software that you may not know too much about. Nicolas & I chat about:

  • why being independent is so important to them & how it benefits their clients;
  • how they balance their consulting, development & training activities;
  • how CFD can be much more than just an R&D tool;
  • what is Code_Saturne & why aren’t more people using it?
  • whether an OpenFOAM user would feel at home in Code_Saturne & some of the compelling reasons to switch;
  • a nugget of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own CFD consultancy;


  • Renuda — for more information on their CFD Consultancy, Software & Training or contact them directly at robert.hillhouse@renuda.com
  • Code_Saturne — the open-source CFD software you should know more about